Breath Better, Do More

The St Pancras & Somers Town is inviting you and your service users to attend our first focus group on Pulmonary Rehabilitation on Thursday 29th February 11-30am to 1:00pm.

A couple of physiotherapists who have been employed from NHSE funding to look into health inequalities in the offer and uptake of pulmonary rehabilitation (PR)across all Boroughs in North Central London will be leading on the Focus Groups

PR is a well evidenced intervention for people living with breathlessness as a result of diagnosed lung disease. In Camden, the established Service is currently offered to people with COPD, a progressive, chronic lung disease which is usually (although not exclusively ) caused by smoking. Other environmental factors can also be a cause.

Topics covered include “what is COPD”, “why do I get breathless”, “how to manage breathlessness”, “inhalers”, “energy conservation”, “how to manage exacerbations” etc. Patients leave the programme with better knowledge, confidence , skills and improved exercise capacity. However, all of this takes a level of commitment and engagement on the part of patients.

If you wish to attend please email or by calling 020 7380 0453.

Click on the images below to download a PDF poster.

English Focus Poster     Bengali Focus Poster