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Healthwatch Camden provides a collective voice for health and social care users in Camden. We collaborate with the voluntary and community sector to disseminate information, gather views and experience. In partnership with other local organisations, we also undertake focused research and gather evidence. We use this evidence to influence local policy. HWC relies on volunteers to help carry out our functions. We aim to provide meaningful opportunities for local people to contribute their time and skills to the community and play an active role in improving health services in Camden. Volunteers receive valuable work experience whilst also having a say on what happens to health and social care services in Camden.

HWC are recruiting for the following roles:

Healthwatch Camden Champion

Volunteers visit local community venues and events on outreach visits to raise awareness of Healthwatch Camden and it’s work among residents. This role involves interacting with residents to listen to their feedback and concerns about their health, signposting them onto relevant support in the Borough, and acting as the eyes and ears of HWC by keeping us informed about people’s views and experiences of health and social care services.

‘Enter and View’ Volunteer

Volunteers meeting person specifications of the role (see below) who go out to visit care homes, day centres, hospitals, and health centres to find out about the experience of people using the service.

Research Volunteer

Volunteers with previous research experience, or relevant academic background, who can help staff with report drafting and evidence gathering for HWC’s research projects.

Where are the roles based?

Depending on the role, volunteers will either be based remotely, or in-person to community centres, public spaces, and health and social care services around Camden.

How often will I be needed?

Volunteers are required for a minimum of 4hrs per week. Availability for community outreach visits is ad hoc depending on the volunteer’s preference. HWC informs volunteers about upcoming outreach visits, and they can confirm which dates they can/want to attend.

What skills and experiences are needed?

•Confident to speak to a wide range of people in a friendly and non-judgmental manner.
• Able to learn about Healthwatch Camden‘s role and communicate this in a clear and simple way.
• Record and relay resident feedback accurately.
• Friendly and outgoing.
• Able to stay within the defined limits of the role and to follow safeguarding rules.
• Able to be impartial when signposting people to service providers.
• Happy to transport leaflets and equipment to outreach visits.
• Research volunteer role requires relevant educational or professional background or experience.
• Enter and View volunteer role requirements are specified in the person specifications (see Enter and View section).

What will I gain from being a HWC volunteer?

• Experience of engaging directly with the community to help strengthen the voice of patients and improve health and social care services.
• Experience of representing Healthwatch Camden in a public facing role.
• Increase knowledge about the local health system.
• Improve your research skills and gain experience in producing reports.
•Reference after a period of three months.
•Previously agreed travel and out-of-pocket expenses (on proof of receipts)

Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of our work, all volunteers are bound by the same confidentiality requirements as the Healthwatch Camden employed staff. Some roles will require DBS clearance which will be provided by HWC.

HWC welcomes applications from our community members of all backgrounds.

If you think you may be interested in any of the above volunteering opportunities or need more information please do not hesitate to contact us or email info@healthwatchcamden.co.uk

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