Three new Reports on Youth Health: On Vaping, Sexual and Mental Health

Untitled Design (3)Healthwatch Camden set out to explore the health concerns of young people between the ages of 13-24 years in Camden, in three key areas: Mental Health, Sexual Health and Use of E-Cigarettes (Vaping).

There is growing, and evolving need among young people for support, awareness, and access to services for these health issues.

We want to listen to the experiences of young people and take their feedback to local health and social care commissioners with the aim of improving health and care services for this age group.

Click on the links below to take you straight to each report.

We are very grateful to the three youth organisations in Camden for their collaboration and help. In total we carried out a total of 140 individual surveys and 8 focus groups across our three studies. Thank you to the young people for choosing to take part and sharing your views with us.


All three reports are now published and can be downloaded from this website.

Download the Mental Health Report

Download the Vaping Report

Download the Sexual Health Report

Healthwatch Camden Recommendations

Healthwatch Camden recognises the pressure faced by Camden Council in meeting the rising needs of young people in the borough with limited resources, for e.g. cuts in real terms to public health grants, and record inflation meaning that the planned 15% uplift in school funding between 2019/20 and 2024/25 has resulted in per pupil spending power being lower than in 2009.

Our recommendations underpin the various areas of improvement, from education to services, as identified by our young research participants.

These recommendations aim to highlight additional areas of focus which can be considered when developing new policies or when reviewing existing ones, to make a positive impact on outcomes. Our recommendations for services underscore the importance of referring to quality standards like ‘You’re Welcome: establishing youth-friendly health and care services when planning service provision.

Download our full recommendation document