Topic: COVID-19

Experiences of Long Covid in North Central London

We are grateful to everyone who shared their stories with us. Long Covid presents itself through a wide range of clustered symptoms. A study conducted by University College London identified Long Covid patients self-reported over 200 symptoms across 10 organ systems. Long Covid has impacts on both physical and mental health and recovery time varies for each […]

An insight into accessing NHS dentistry in Camden during COVID-19

COVID-19 has created challenges for patients and service providers alike. We know that Camden?s dentists have been working around the clock to support patients in need during the pandemic.  In a recent Healthwatch Camden blog (How do NHS dental services work?), a local dentist explains how the COVID-19 pandemic is limiting the number of patients […]

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic views on the COVID-19 vaccine

Following discussions with the NHS and other partners in Camden, we decided to explore vaccine hesitancy views locally and used what we found to support residents to arrive at an informed view about COVID-19 vaccination. In February, we worked with three local community organisations to survey 223 people about their views on the COVID-19 vaccine […]

Life in ‘Lockdown’

We asked people how they were getting information to guide them and help them stay well. We were also interested in experiences of accessing health and care services under the new conditions and how people?s health and wellbeing was being affected. We learned that the impacts of COVID-19 were far-reaching. People expressed concerns about falling […]