Life in ‘Lockdown’

We asked people how they were getting information to guide them and help them stay well. We were also interested in experiences of accessing health and care services under the new conditions and how people?s health and wellbeing was being affected.

We learned that the impacts of COVID-19 were far-reaching. People expressed concerns about falling ill with covid, the health and wellbeing of friends and family, challenges working and educating from home, job insecurity, food insecurity, and much more.  There was significant evidence of deteriorating mental health in the borough.

The sixteen key findings presented in this report provide insight for the health and care system to inform preparedness and responses to future pandemics. It also informs some next steps for action and investment that will enable people who live and work in Camden to be more resilient to public health challenges in the future. We plan to share the findings of this report widely across Camden, North Central London and beyond so that it has the greatest potential for impact.

The summary of this report is currently being translated into Easy Read and a variety of languages. If you require a specific language, please get in touch.