Supporting Healthier Eating in Camden

People interviewed included homeless men, Bangladeshi and Somali women and people on low incomes. We asked people whether they faced barriers to eating healthily. The main issues were time, accessibility, cost, finding culturally appropriate or preferred food, and know-how. We asked people what help they wanted to help them to eat healthily. The main responses were advice from professionals, healthy eating culture in public services, and community support.



We want to thank actor David Morrissey for his support on the social media campaign, Damien Conrad from the Felix project for his enthusiastic participation, and Farrah Rainfly and the team, including volunteers, from Lifeafterhummus Community Benefit Society for their dedication to getting people?s view via the cooking classes which they host. Special thanks to the people we interviewed who were frank and forthcoming in their views, Tara Carty from Single Homeless Project for putting us in touch with Lawrence Curtis and Yoshi, who told their stories for our social media campaign, and our fantastic student volunteers who stayed late into the evening to get people?s views.