YoungMinds: Help us change the law to limit the use of dangerous restraint in mental health units

As part of our Always campaign with the National Autistic Society, we are calling for stronger rights for young people and their families, so that they always receive care and support that’s appropriate for them. This includes an end to the use of dangerous forms of restraint.

Good inpatient care acts as a lifeline to many young people with mental health problems, who get the expert support they need to get better and return home.

But for others, including some with autism or a learning disability, their mental health can get worse in hospital and they and their families can struggle to get help that is right for them.

In some cases, young people can be trapped in inappropriate hospitals for years, or be subjected to long-term seclusion or dangerous forms of restraint. 

But now we have the chance to change that. 

On 3rd November, Steve Reed MP is taking the Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill to Parliament. The Bill is being referred to as Seni’s Law, named after a young man called Seni who was tragically killed in a mental health unit due to being physically restrained. If it becomes law, it will limit the use of some of the most dangerous forms of restraint in mental health units. 

If there aren’t enough MPs turning up on the day to vote, the Bill will fall at the first step. That’s why it’s crucial that your MP knows how important this issue is to you.  

Email your MP asking them to attend using the link below, it only takes a few minutes but it could make all the difference.

We believe that children and young people’s rights matter. Always. 

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