1. Future Members’ events 
2. Report of the May Members’ event
3. Camden Council: The Cabinet 2017-18
4. Healthwatch Camden Community Forum and AGM – 26 June 
5. Don’t forget the Macular Week 2017 BBC Radio 4 Appeal – 25 June and 29 June
6. Eye drop could revolutionise treatment for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) patients
7. Heart failure drug could treat type of macular degeneration
8. Switching from white to brown bread may have a protective effect against AMD
9. Brain “rewires” itself to enhance other senses in blind people
10. Global summit to address epidemic of AMD
11. Scrapping EHRC disability commissioner role ‘risks sidelining disability’
12. June’s quick quiz

…and finally – What’s in a name?

Plus the VIC Newsletter Supplement: Things to see, places to go