TFL: Please offer me a seat badge and card

The ‘Please offer me a seat’ badge and card were trialled to help customers who need a seat, but have difficulty getting one. The trial was a response to feedback from customers and research conducted last year, which found people with invisible impairments, conditions and injuries can often find it difficult to get a seat when they need one – particularly if their need is not obvious.

The trial was met with extremely positive reviews:

  • Participants reported 72 per cent of journeys as being easier as a result of the badge;

  • On 86 per cent of journeys participants reported feeling more confident when asking for a seat on public transport; and

  • An overwhelming 98 per cent of participants said they would recommend the badge and card to somebody they think needs or would benefit from one.

We are planning to launch the badge and card to all customers who need one early next year. We also know that many customers may not want to use the badge and card, and we will make sure they are supported too. Everyone who needs a seat should get one, and not everyone’s need for a seat is immediately obvious.

We would like to work with you to ensure the success of the badge and card, raising awareness to as many people as possible. We are also keen to hear your advice on how we can support those who do not wish to use the badge and card. I and the team would be very keen to gain as much feedback as possible, so please get in touch if you are interested in meeting to discuss.

If you sign up to receive accessible travel updates by visiting, we will let you know when our new badge and card is live.