The NIHR needs your help – sign up to join the fight against COVID-19

There are a number of vaccines being identified and safety-tested at the moment.  Only large scale trials can give scientists the information needed about how effective the vaccines  are. The vaccines need to be tested on a diverse group of people as possible so that it can be given to protect the whole population.

Why do we need more people to take part Covid-19 vaccine trials?

Even though we’ve seen positive news about vaccines in the news recently, this does not mean that the search for a COVID-19 vaccine is at an end. No one vaccine is likely to be suitable for everyone, the first vaccine may not be the most effective and easiest to use, and we must make sure that the other studies continue to allow us to have a selection of vaccines to protect the whole population.

What happens if I agree to sign up for the registry?

You can sign up to the registry to give permission for researchers to contact you about taking part in COVID-19 vaccine studies. By collecting details about people who are interested in taking part in vaccine studies, the service will help cut down the time it takes to find volunteers for vaccine studies. This will help us to carry out studies and find vaccines faster. 

You are not signing up to take part in a specific health study when you use the registry. You are letting researchers know you’re happy for them to contact you if they think you might be suitable to take part in their studies. It only takes five minutes to sign up and if you are contacted about a study, there is no obligation to take part.

What will happen if a researcher contacts me after I register?

The information you are given about any study you are invited to take part in will explain what stage the vaccine is at and how it has already been tested. You can consider this information when deciding whether to take part.

Every research study has both a set of criteria about which people are suitable for taking part and a target number of participants. Both of these factors will affect whether you are contacted to take part and if you are, when. 

If you meet all the criteria to take part and you give your consent to take part, you are still free to withdraw consent at any time during the study.

For more information

For answers to other questions you may have, visit the vaccine studies page on the Be Part of Research website, where you’ll also find information on the latest vaccine news.

Other resources to look at include this video on what happens during a vaccine trial

For more information on each vaccine trial the NIHR is currently supporting, visit this page.