Joint Ibug and Camden Voluntary Action Service user event 11th Feb 2016

You are all invited to a meeting on Thursday 11th February in the Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital.

The meeting is a chance for service users of Camden and Islington to meet some members of the CQC team who will be inspecting Camden and Islington Foundation Trust on the 22 Feb 2016 to 26 Feb 2016.

Members of the Camden and Islington Board have been invited to discuss their future plans and to answer questions from the floor.

Commissioners from both Camden and Islington will also be present to introduce their plans for the future and answer questions.

Jane Ray (CQC Head of Inspection London Region) will also be attending this meeting.

The meeting will start with tea and coffee and a small buffet at 5 pm. Refreshments will be provided by Camden & Islington Foundation Trust.

The meeting will start formally at 5.30pm.

Each invited group will present for 5 mins each.

Answer and question session will start at 6 pm. 

This session should last untill 6.45pm

There will be a break for 10 mins to allow more tea and coffee.

Resume at 6.55pm for final session to finish at 7.30pm.

Service users may request one to one session with the CQC at the meeting but be reminded that individual confidential information should not be shared in public at this venue.

The point of the meeting is to meet some members of the CQC team.

Book individual sessions with them but not see them that night. 

Ask questions about the Camden and Islington policy and future plans.

Ask Camden and Islington Commissioners the same.

This meeting is a joint Ibug and Camden Voluntary Action Service user event.

This meeting will be hosted by Peter Jones; IBUG Director and Alex Boyt; Service User Involvement Coordinator at Voiceability.