Healthwatch Camden Annual Report 2015-16

Welcome to our third annual report.


This year’s been busy and productive. We’ve focused on general practice, on equal access to services, and on mental health.

We’ve launched a new information resource called ‘Start here…’

Everything we do is guided by what matters to local people – Healthwatch Camden’s here for you to use your voice to have real power and influence.

 This report tells you what we’ve been doing to fulfil our remit and how we’ve used our statutory powers.

We’re here to make sure local people have a VOICE in health and social care services; to support local people to make CHOICES in services; and to encourage CHANGE in services to make them better.

We can do these things because we have power – we were set up by an Act of Parliament and we are independent – a registered charity, with trustees who all live or work locally.

We have so much to tell you about – you can read about it in the rest of this report. Throughout the report, you’ll find links to our reports which are underlined and hyperlinked. You’ll also find videos about our work, so you can see more of the detail about what we do.

We hope you enjoy it.

Frances Hasler, Director & Dr Connie Smith, Chair