Finding Peace During Lockdown

Lockdown under Covid-19 has been the cause of significant hardship and stress for many people living in Camden. But for some, this new way of life also has a bright side.

Ravea lives in Somers Town with her husband and four young children. Ravea has a job at the local primary school so, like many, has been forced to make the shift to home working and home schooling.

The family is tight on space in their 2 bedroom council flat so normally Ravea spends as much time as possible with the children outside. Adapting to full days indoors has been a challenge. But Ravea has tried to make the best of it.

“I am feeling really well”, she says. “I am trying to look at this in a positive light. Before lockdown I was so busy and my husband works as well – it felt like I was in a relay run every single day. So not having to do my hair or even get out of my pyjamas is relaxing. Just concentrating on doing the basics – eat, sleep, drink, wash – has made me realise that we rush around keeping busy and cause ourselves so much stress.”

“We are in the month of Ramadan and we normally have family gatherings which we cannot do this year. But actually being just with my husband and children has been nice. Normally my husband would be out at work but because of lockdown we have the chance to prepare the food all together as a family. We can have time to reflect on our religion and because there is no school in the morning we’re allowing the children to stay up with us. It feels quite spiritual. We are working together as a team.”

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