Volunteer with us: Become a Hypertension Community Connector!

Healthwatch Camden are looking for local volunteers to help spread awareness of high blood pressure in Camden.

Healthwatch Camden are collaborating with the North Central London ICB and the North Central London Healthwatch network to recruit long-term volunteers who will visit local communities in Camden and raise awareness of the risks posed by high blood pressure.

Approximately 60,000 people in Camden are at risk of hypertension or high blood pressure, which can lead to serious conditions such as heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, vascular dementia, and sight problems. However, only 24,000 are diagnosed.

Hypertension is found to be more common in older people, those from certain ethnic backgrounds, and in people with a family history of high blood pressure. It can also be caused by:

  • diet (e.g. eating lots of salty and processed foods)
  • lifestyle (alcohol and tobacco consumption)
  • being overweight
  • not doing enough exercise

As a Community Connector, volunteers will play an important role in taking blood pressure measurements and providing information on healthier lifestyle choices among these communities:

  • People of Black African and Black Caribbean descent
  • Those aged over 50

If you are interested in becoming a Community Connector for hypertension in Camden, email us at: info@healthwatchcamden.co.uk