Optometry is a specialised healthcare provision that allows for the examination of one’s eyes. This is performed by optometrists who are trained professionals in the field. Optometrists are skilled to detect abnormalities in vision whether this be a minor change in lens power or something more severe such as cataracts. Optometrists may prescribe glasses and or contact lenses tailored to one’s vision. They may also refer you to a general practitioner or eye hospital clinic for further examination.

It is important to get your vision checked regularly as there are rarely any physical symptoms. Having regular eye tests is beneficial to detect potentially harmful conditions. The NHS recommends that you should have your vision tested every two years, or more if advised by your optometrist.


An NHS sight test is free of charge if you are in one of the eligible groups and the test is considered clinically necessary. Please refer to the following NHS website.
If you are not within the eligible groups, you will have to pay for the test. The price may vary between opticians.

If you are not happy with the service or treatment provided, you have the right to make a complaint.

Complaints can be made directly to the optician practice as it may be possible to sort out the problem straight away.

The Optical Consumer Complaints Service (OCCS) may also be able to give you advice or provide some mediation. The website has more advice for consumers.

Instead of contacting the optician practice or the OCCS to make a complaint, you can get in touch with North Central London Integrated Care Board (ICB), which commissions NHS services in Camden. Details are below:

Website: North Central London Integrated Care Board

Email: nclicb.complaints@nhs.net

Telephone: 020 4515 1448

Post: NHS North Central London ICB, Complaints Team, 2nd Floor, Laycock PDC, Laycock Street, London, N1 1TH

Please note: you cannot contact both the Practice and the ICB about the same complaint, in accordance with the 2009 NHS Complaints Regulations.