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Extra Polio vaccine dose for children in London

Children aged 1 to 9 years old in London are being offered a dose of polio vaccine.

Health and Care Act 2022: What Changes in Camden?

In July the Health and Care Act 2022 changed some of the ways our local NHS is organised. But what actually changes for your everyday NHS use, and what stays the same?

What to Know about Hypertension and High Blood Pressure

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is one of the biggest health issues in Camden. Currently, 60,000 adults in Camden are at risk of hypertension and related illnesses – but only 24,000 patients have been diagnosed. What is it, how can you measure it – and most importantly, how can we lower it?

Integrated Care System Established in North Central London

Today marks the start of North Central London’s Integrated Care System, with the enactment of the Health and Care Act (2022).

Healthwatch Camden’s Vaccine Roadshow

Throughout the next month, Healthwatch Camden are going on a Vaccine Roadshow across the borough to inform, bust myths, and answer questions about the COVID-19 vaccine with health professionals and clinicians. Although they are in association with certain groups, the events are free to join and welcome all.

Bid for up to £1000 for individuals or up to £10k for organisations for Community Champion project

Are you a group or individual wishing to undertake a self-started piece of work or a project to help improve the information and access to vaccinations and general health and wellbeing services in Camden?
If so, you may be able to qualify for grants of up to £1000 for individuals or £10,000 for oganisations.
If you are an individual and are thiking about applying for a grant for up to £1000 to help vaccinations and health in the local area, please get in touch, now!

New Healthwatch England report on NHS Translation Services: ‘Lost for words’

During October and November 2021, Healthwatch Camden participated in research in partnership with Healthwatch England to gather experiences of translation services within the NHS. We spoke to 20 residents who spoke little to no English and 6 NHS service providers including a local dentist, midwife, GP, Occupational Therapist, and Patient Experience Lead. 
Healthwatch England’s new report Lost for words – improving access to healthcare for ethnic minority communities, showcases experiences accessing health care for those who speak little to no English, and includes recommendations for the NHS to improve services for these populations.

Diabetes and Ramadan 2022

How to prepare and participate in the holy month

Walk-in vaccination opportunities in Camden and neighbouring boroughs

Vaccine eligibility and booking

The government has lifted Plan B

What do these new regulations mean?  

COVID-19 vaccination update

All clinics can give first doses, second doses, booster doses and third primary doses to those who are eligible.

ONLINE EVENT: Q&A session on Omicron variant and Booster vaccine

Do you have questions about the Omicron variant and Booster vaccine? Join our online Q&A session and get your questions answered by our experts.