Wide range of services in Camden to support mental health

If you are experiencing depression, anxiety or other mental distress, you may need some support to stay well. A range of services and online support are available in Camden for people with mental health issues. For example, adults can self-refer to iCope (Camden and Islington Psychological Therapies Service) which offers a range of free therapies to treat anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia. At the moment, iCope are providing phone, video and online treatment and are offering some additional services in response to the pandemic. Young people under 25 years old can self-refer to Brandon Centre which offers free and confidential counselling and psychotherapy. Please note that the majority of the centre’s services are now provided over the phone or online, with some face-to-face appointments where necessary.

Age UK Camden offers free and confidential counselling service to people aged 55 and over who are registered with a Camden GP. The service accepts self-referrals as well as referrals from GPs and other relevant professionals. In response to COVID-19, the counselling has moved to a telephone-based service until it is safe to resume face-to-face appointments. Unpaid adult carers (18+) living, working or studying in Camden, or caring for someone who lives in Camden can get support from Camden Carers. The organisation suspended in-person services and is currently offering a telephone and email-based service and group activities via ZOOM.  

If you are not feeling emotionally well, there are many ways to find help and support. Remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health. In addition to Camden-based services, there are a number of services that offer support nationally – you can find details of some of them below.

If you are already cared for by mental health services provided by C&I NHS Foundation Trust, please contact the team that coordinates your care (during working hours). You can locate your service using the service finder. If you need urgent mental health support outside of your team’s working hours, contact the local crisis team on 020 3317 6333. If you are not under the care of mental health services, first ask for an urgent appointment with your GP who can organise further help if you need it. If you feel that you cannot wait to see your GP then contact C&I Crisis Single Point of Access on 020 3317 6333. This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please stay safe and make sure you get help if you feel you need it.


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