Referrals – how was the journey between your GP and your hospital outpatient appointment?

This spring we’ll be starting a new project about outpatient referrals. Local people have told us there is sometimes confusion and delay between a GP referral and getting a specialist outpatient appointment at hospital.

We’re planning to survey patients who are waiting to see specialists at the Royal Free Hospital and at UCLH. We also want to hear from anyone who’s recently been referred by a GP so that we can learn more about these experiences. If you are interested in helping us with this work there are two ways you can get involved. 

First, if you’ve had an outpatient referral recently please get in touch and tell us your story. Did your referral go smoothly?  Were there any problems or delays? 

Second, we will be recruiting a team of research volunteers to help us with our outpatient department surveys.  Interested?  Please see the role description and details of how to apply on our website.