We’re working in partnership with local organisations

We’re working in partnership with Camden Council and Camden’s Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

We want to promote Accessible Information Standard and Deaf Awareness in Camden Practices. 

We aim to break down barriers, so that patients can easily access health services.

Accessible Information Standard (AIS) 

From 1st August 2016 all organisations that provide NHS care and / or publicly-funded adult social care were legally required to follow the Accessible Information Standard.

The Standard sets out a specific, consistent approach to identifying, recording, flagging, sharing and meeting the information and communication support needs of patients, service users, carers and parents with a disability, impairment or sensory loss.

Asif Iqbal Adult Social Care, Camden Council is delivering deaf awareness training to a variety of health professionals including receptionists, nurses, doctors and practice managers. 

The training is essential for all staff, so that they can learn how to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing patients from the very first interaction.

The training really encourages them to use the skills they’ve learnt in the course, it is also a lot of fun! They then have the opportunity to gain confidence and become aware of how best to support their patients depending on their type of communication and accessibility needs.

The Training aim: To enable participants to have a greater understanding of deafness and the issues involved with communication and access to information.  

What does the event cover?  
· Terminology to describe Deafness 
· Hearing loss facts and statistics  
· Communication tips & accessible technology  
· Introduction to British Sign Language (BSL) fingerspelling alphabet  
· Fingerspelling alphabet exercises  
· Introduction to British Sign Language skills  
· Basic British Sign Language skill exercises  
· Lip-reading test  
· Working with or booking BSL interpreters

Expected learning outcomes:  
Build up confidence to talk to Deaf people directly.  
A basic understanding of Deafness and acceptable terminology.  
Ability to use basic everyday signs and clear lip-reading skills.  
• To be aware of technology and services available to meet Deaf and hard of hearing client’s needs.  
• How to work with a BSL Interpreter

We’ve had great feedback on the training including:

“Sign language very interesting”

“Friendly Interaction”

“Good interaction between the trainer and the trainees”

“I found it was very interesting and informative”

“Very useful, I would like to learn more about BSL and how to do it properly.”

“Learning how to fingerspelling”

“Being able to see deafness from a different perspective incorporating sign and lip reading.”

“It is a very good experience and very helpful to understand how deafness is affecting the person.”

“I like the fact that I am now able to greet a patient who cannot hear properly with the appropriate hand gesture due to gaining new qualities today.”

“The insight into what the Deaf and Hard of Hearing go through on a daily basis and learning some useful words getting to sign”

“I liked the interactive aspect with the sign language. It was very relatable.”

“That it would help to give me some confidence to attempt to interact with deaf patient”

“Very informative, covered a lot of my curiosities”

“The interaction made it fun. Asif was very engaging and had high energy.”

If you are interested to find out more information about this FREE initiative please contact:

Accessible Information Standard – Anna Wright, Tel: 020 7383 2402 or email: Anna Wright anna.wright@healthwatchcamden.co.uk

Deaf Awareness Training – Asif Iqbal Tel: 020 7974 2837 or email: asif.iqbal@camden.gov.uk