Helping people have a say – St Pancras Hospital Redevelopment Proposal

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust are proposing the move of in-patient beds from St Pancras Hospital to a new, purpose built unit in Highgate. There is no plan to reduce the number of beds — just to move their location.

Buildings at St Pancras would then be rebuilt and continue to provide a range of outpatient mental health services. The new buildings on the site would occupy a smaller area which means the rest of the land could be leased or sold to cover the cost of building the new facilities. A second part of the proposals would bring the community mental health services together in hubs at key sites in Camden and Islington. 

Healthwatch Camden is keen to make sure local people have a say on the future of their mental health services. So we’ve talked to patients currently staying in the wards at St Pancras Hospital and to staff members, former patients, and carers.

There was almost unanimous agreement that the existing facilities at St Pancras Hospital are not fit for the purpose of providing good in-patient care for people with mental health issues. The people we talked to were (with a very few exceptions) strongly in favour of a new purpose built mental health hospital to replace the facilities at St Pancras.

We also found that some service users and carers value aspects of the St Pancras Hospital and want to see these replicated in any new site. The central location and good transport links at St Pancras are highly valued by many, but a roughly equal number of respondents said a Highgate location would be easier for them personally. Along with the location, some people talked about the friendly atmosphere and non-institutional environment at St Pancras.

Strong views were expressed about expectations from a new build. The people we interviewed offered a wide range of ideas and suggestions that should be considered in the planning and design process.

We’ve published a report on what they told us. You can see the report here

We also want to help to help make sure that the NHS gets responses to their formal consultation from a large and diverse number of Camden residents.

So we’ve talked to local community groups to encourage people to share their views. Anna Wright, our policy lead, spent a morning talking to residents with learning disabilities who all filled out the NHS survey. 

You can find more details about the proposals and a fill out the survey here

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