Our youth report is in the local newspaper!

You may remember that April 23-27 was the week of our social media campaign with students from William Ellis School and LaSWAP six form centre.

Last week our campaign was mentioned in the local newspaper – Hampstead & Highgate Express. See the article here.  

We’ve now issued the report which accompanies the videos that the young people produced for the campaign week.

We want health care provision in Camden to meet everyone’s needs, that’s why we asked the young people how they prefer to be communicated to by health professionals and schools.

Every voice counts and will be listened to in equal measure.

Joey Glover a teacher at William Ellis school said:

“Thank you for being such a brilliant collaborative partner – I loved the work we did together and am immensely proud of what was produced by the young people. 

All of the things they spoke about and opened up about was down to you providing a forum for it and for helping them feel like their voices were being heard.

Please do stay in touch – I would love to support the work you and Healthwatch Camden do in the future in any capacity and would particularly enjoy the opportunity to collaborate again!”

The top rated health issues that the young people we spoke to raised as important to them were: drugs, body image and school workload.

The three videos produced by the students were under one minute long, but got 409 minutes watch time in total and reached 2,240 people in total.

There was no budget for advertising so the views were organic. The student’s dedication to helping to get young people’s health concerns listened to helped to generate views.

Organisations such as the Care Quality Commission tweeted and said: ‘Love this video from @Healthwatchcam. Great work from the young people of William Ellis School and LaSWAP.’

While Camden Youth Council Instagrammed: ‘Such an insightful video! Our Camden youth MPs will be working to improve how mental health amongst young people is dealt with within school environments.’

Most of the MPs and councillors that received the report wrote back expressing an interest in the campaign.

Some expressed a keen desire in working with us on future campaigns – for example, Keir Stramer MP’s office, while others either asked for further information on our youth work or forwarded it onto their peers. 

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Read the report, watch the videos and then share your views below!