Talk to us about your housing and health

We’d like you to tell us what you think of housing and health. We know that poor or insecure housing can contribute to poor physical and mental health, so we want to know if your housing makes it difficult to keep well.

We’re keen to find out how effectively health and wellbeing services in Camden support the needs of people in different types of housing. Whether you live in private rented accommodation, council housing, a housing association home or own your home we’d like to hear from you.

Tell us what would help you to make more use of housing and health services.

We’re interviewing a wide range of local residents and we will also be doing surveys in order to compile a report that looks at housing and health in Camden.  

If you’re interested and want to participate in the research, contact Anna Wright on 0207 383 2402 or email

As usual you can also share your thoughts below.