Some community events that we attended this summer

In July Victoria Armitage our Project Officer, attended a couple of local events:

St Pancras Community Association and Camden New Town and NW5 Project. Victoria met with enthusiastic superheroes ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Iron Man’, spoke to them and local people about issues such as concerns over cancer screening services stopping for people aged over 70, lack of support coming out of prison, and trouble getting GP appointments.  

The public has few ways to use its powerful voice and may not realise the difference it can make to services. So Victoria took out our ‘Your Voice Counts’ survey and asked people to place a sticker against what they think our priorities should be in terms of health and social care in Camden going forwards. We liaise with local people and organisations to listen to and gather their views. 

We use this information to set out yearly priorities as well as feedback from our Annual General Meeting and Community Forums.

If you’ve got any thoughts that you’d like to share with us, comment below!