Healthwatch Camden report in the Camden New Journal!

On Thursday 13 July 2017, we were featured in the Camden New Journal on our Highgate Day Centre report.

The Highgate Day Centre is a service for people with mental health needs in Camden. During 2015-16, the service underwent significant changes, some due to resource constraints and also partly in response to changes in thinking around appropriate models for service delivery.

Before the changes, service users described their service as a therapeutic mental health day care centre based on a recovery-oriented programme. The changes aimed to reorganise the service in line with what the service providers (the Trust and the Council) described as the ‘recovery model’.

Healthwatch Camden offered to work with the service users at the Highgate Centre to co-design a research project that would seek to capture, in real time, their lived experiences of the service changes at the Centre.

Part of our remit is to make sure that patient voices are listened to and responded to, so we are pleased that one of our recommendations – an apology to the service users has already come to fruition including a public apology in the Camden New Journal which read:

‘In a joint statement the foundation trust and the council said: Although we believe that the combination of financial challenge and focus on moving towards a recovery model remains valid, we apologise for and recognise that service users felt that they were not listened to as part of the process, that their views weren’t taken into account and that they weren’t adequately supported through the transition process.

We will learn from this report and accept the need to be proactive and positive in response, using the report to improve practice and future service user experience.’

Read the report to find out more on the story.