Message from Healthwatch Camden Director – Frances Hasler

April signaled the start of a new work year for Healthwatch Camden. This will be our fifth year, so we are no longer the new kids on the block, we are an established part of the landscape in Camden. Yet nothing stays still, and we know we always have to work to stay relevant and to stay effective.

So we will be redoubling our work to reach more of Camden’s residents and to make sure that what we do is based on what is important to people who use Camden’s health and social care services.

In June, we will be presenting our annual report looking back at what we achieved over the 2016-2017 work year. At the same time we will be taking the opportunity to hold a Community Conversation, about the changes taking place in health and social care locally. In particular we want to get your views on how to make more community facilities truly open to all.

We hope to see a lot of people taking part in the conversation, which takes place on Monday 26th June. If you can’t come to the event, you can tweet your thoughts or leave a message on our contact page.  

We are looking forward to publishing two new reports. The first is on dental services in Camden. The second is on the experience of mental health service users going through changes in their service.

We are also starting some more work on the impact of service change in social care in Camden, and we are working with our colleagues in other local Healthwatch to make sure people have a voice in changes to NHS services across the North London area.

We’re getting going on the work on housing that you told us should be a priority for us. And as usual, we are planning a programme of getting out and about in Camden, to talk to as many local people as possible.

If you have feedback on any of this, please comment below.