We visited the West Hampstead Women’s Centre

On 22 March Shelly Khan, our Community Engagement Manager visited the West Hampstead Women’s Centre (WHWC) to talk about Healthwatch Camden and what we do in the local community. The centre provides a supportive and safe women only space, where women who feel marginalised can prosper.

 Part of Healthwatch Camden’s remit is to give a voice to those whose voices are often unheard. We listen to local people about what they like in health and social care services in Camden and what they think could be done better.

 Shelly gave out information on how we work with the local community and also told the women how we can assist them to get their voices heard.    

 We’ve worked with many local organisations, including holding focus groups with women from the local Bangladeshi, Somali and African communities to find out their views on sexual health services. 

We’re always open to working in partnership with local organisations including women’s groups. Together we can shape a better future for our health and social care services. 

If you’re interested in working with us contact us at info@healthwatchcamden.co.uk or comment below.