Your voice counts on housing and health

When we went out and about last year to ask local people about your priorities for our work (our Your Voice Counts ) you told us that the link between poor housing and poor health was a big concern.

We’ve been following up. In particular, we have talked to Camden Federation of Private Tenants about the particular challenges for people in private rented property. This topic is also being considered by a council scrutiny panel on housing and adult social care. We gave evidence to the panel. Questions from the panel included the impact on mental health of having insecure housing and the problems of social isolation for some people with mobility difficulties.

We will be doing more work on this topic over the year, be looking at the changes that could help people – particularly the sorts of support that would make things better for private tenants. We will work with the Camden Federation of Private Tenants to on this project.

The scrutiny panel asked us what one thing would make the most difference. They also asked us what measures of success the council should set for itself – how will it know it has made things better for people whose wellbeing is affected by their housing?  So we’d like to know your ideas on these questions.