Healthwatch Camden April 2017 and onwards

We’re planning our work for 2017 onwards. We’d like your views on our plan.

We already know some of the priority areas we will be looking at, they are:

Housing and health –

We know from our previous consultation that there are clear links between poor and insecure housing and poor physical and mental health in Camden. We’re planning new work to highlight the impact private rental housing has on physical and mental health.

Service change –

We’ll be doing more work on the impact of service change, looking particularly at the changes to adult social care, working in partnership with disabled people.

Young people –

We’re planning to work with others in the Healthwatch network, to gather let young people know what we can do for them and with them. Your views on how we approach these new projects are welcome.

We’re also considering our future priority areas. We think there is the potential for new work around support for parents with young children, and for new work around mental health.

We’d welcome your views on which aspects of mental health services we should explore.

Of course, we’ll be continuing some of our existing work. Making sure that the recommendations in our previous reports get acted on is important. We’ll be following up our reports on Bangladeshi health and wellbeing, and on access in GP surgeries.

If there are other important issues in health or social care that you think we should be looking at, please tell us. Everything we do is driven by what local people tell us matters most.

Let us know your initial thoughts below.