What children say about their dentist

We said that as part of our plans for this year, we would find out more about people’s experience of local dentistry services.

Healthwatch Camden is independent from the services local people use, and so represents an opportunity for local people voice their experiences to make sure that health and social care services really meet  your needs.

We spoke to 14 children from the Peckwater neighbourhood. The youngest was six years old, the eldest ones were twelve years old. We asked them what they liked and didn’t like about their dentist. Here is what they said:

I like my dentist because….

  • They look after your teeth (age 11) 
  • They help you to take care of your teeth and take your teeth out (age 8)
  • They clean your teeth and fix your teeth (age 10)
  • Because they give me an electric toothbrush and special toothpaste and you can shine a blue light and see your teeth are clean (age 6)
  • He can fix my teeth, make me look good! (age 10)
  • He has a comfortable chair (age 12)
  • I like sitting on the chair when she looks in my mouth (age 7)
  • The only thing I like is the chair, it’s comfortable (age 10)
  • They give me stickers (age 10)
  • I like getting a sticker (age 10)
  • I like it because I get lollipop after it (age 12)

I don’t like my dentist because….

  • They gave me an injection on my gum (age 12)
  • They put their hand in your mouth (age 7)
  • They go too close to your face (age 11)
  •  I don’t go. I just don’t like it (age 12)

We spoke to these children at the Peckwater Neighbourhood Festival on 23 July 2016. (We also spoke to adults at the event, to help us choose the priorities for our work on dentistry.)

We want to have the best local dentist services. In order to do this we need toinclude the views of children and young adults in our community. We will continue to work on this throughout the year and have projects planned.

Our thanks to the children for sharing their views and to the festival organisers for making it possible.

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