An update on our mental health work

This year Healthwatch Camden gave priority to mental health. It features in many of our projects.

We listened to service users at the adult Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee. They said that they’re worried about changes to their service at The Highgate Day Centre.

So we’re working with service users at The Highgate Centre on a research project using audio diaries to record their experience of living through the service changes.

The aim is to fill the evidence gap between the description of the changes as presented by those responsible for planning and implementing them, and the experience of those service users who live through the changes.

We’re gathering evidence from a diverse group of service users over an extended 30 week period. We’re then going to code and analyse the information using a method called “framework analysis”. By doing this, the project will be able to convert personal testimony into very robust evidence of service user experience.

We’re going to publish the report in the autumn, and hope that it will help inform future service change management.