Male focus group on Bangladeshi health and wellbeing

On Thursday 19 November, Healthwatch Camden and Camden Council Scrutiny Panel held a further focus group on Bangladeshi health and wellbeing, with Bangladeshi men at the Chadswell Centre.

Healthwatch Camden wants to reduce inequalities in health and social care services. We want equal access, treatment and outcomes for all communities in our local area.

The focus group was well attended and men gave their feedback on healthy lifestyles/depression and mental health.

Some of the comments the men made are:

  • Most said that they were very unhappy with local GP services, they find it difficult make appointments, and it takes a long time to see a doctor.
  • The receptionists at GP surgeries are not at all helpful.
  • Most would like to go swimming and exercise but it is very expensive for them.
  • They would like more information made available at community centres.
  • All said that the benefit cuts have had a great impact on their mental health and wellbeing
  • Most are living in poverty
  • They don’t know how to access mental health services – there is no information available for them.

Healthwatch Camden champions equality. We are continuing the project in the coming months and will keep you updated. You can make health and social care services better for all by getting involved with us.

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