Camden Carer’s Week

On Wednesday 10 June, we attended Camden Carer’s Week Health and Wellbeing Fair.

We aim to champion the views of carer’s and other groups in our community that often go unheard, so Shelly our Community and Engagement Volunteer Manager, and Peter  our Community Outreach Officer gave out information about our work, and encouraged a two-way dialogue. We want everyone to be involved so that we can understand the issues that affect different communities.

This year Carer’s Week ran from 8-14 June. The focus was on Building Carer-Friendly Communities by urging individuals, organisations and service providers in every community – including schools, hospitals, GPs and local authorities – to take action to improve the lives of carers.

Part of improving the lives of carer’s involves making sure that health and social care services are tailored to meet their needs, but Healthwatch Camden’s   here to make services better, not to knock them when they’re getting things right.

We successfully recruited two new volunteers who will work with us to make sure that local people get the best out of health and social care services in Camden. If you’re a carer and interested in volunteering with us, contact us to find out more.