Supporting people’s involvement in services

That can mean involvement in how a particular service is run, for example, having influence over the times it is open, or over the staff selected. It can mean involvement in how a service is monitored – how are users’ views sought, how are they used? And it can mean involvement in how services are planned – what kind of services do we need, where should they be located, who should provide them?

Involvement has been part of the expected way of planning, running and monitoring services for many years now. So part of the way we promote and support involvement is to check on how service providers and commissioners are enabling and using involvement in their work. We want to build a picture of how well it is working across Camden.

To build a clear picture, we plan to develop an audit process, so we can take a systematic look at involvement. We’re interested in your ideas about the audit. It will check on how services are supporting involvement – the resources they deploy, the activities they undertake.

 It will check on who is being enabled to be involved, and whether there are some people who are being left out or excluded. Most importantly, it will check on how services are using the involvement – is it making a difference and, if so, how? Is it fulfilling the hopes of the people who get involved?

We think the audit will start from some existing good practice guides, and check progress against these. We are interested in which guides you think we should use – some examples are –

If you’d like to get involved in planning or running the audit, or if you just want to make a comment on it, please contact us!