Community Forum launch event

On the 25 November we had our Community Forum Launch event.

Thanks to all who turned up, it was great to see a mixture of locals, patients, carers, community organisation representatives and health and social care professionals! 

We received great input on how we can best engage the community on current and future priorities, and also got to hear views on the health and social care issues that you think Healthwatch Camden should put on its agenda. We plan to post the results of what you think online.   

Speakers included Patrick Vernon from Healthwatch England, who spoke about the importance of the consumer voice in health and social care, and Jason Strelitz, Assistant Director in Public Health, who talked about Healthwatch Camden’s role in combatting health inequalities. 

On the 29 – Carers’ Day we held a joint event with Camden Carers’ Service to highlight the vital role carers play in the local community.

Healthwatch Camden will have other, smaller community forum events, in different parts of the borough, so that more people can have a say.  Every voice counts. So even when events are not taking place we still want to hear from you.

Help us improve hospital stays for children in Camden

To continue our dialogue, we’d like you to help us improve hospital stays for children in Camden. To do this we need volunteer parents and young people who’ve been an inpatient on a children’s ward.

The volunteers will go to a hospital to speak to young patients and their families to hear what’s working well and what needs to be improved.  

We’ll cover your expenses and provide training.  If you’re interested in volunteering contact, call 020 7284 6589.

We’ve recruited volunteers of all ages, from students to the long-retired. They are helping us to reach out to more local people, to gather their experience and to offer them information. Let us know if you are keen to join our growing team of volunteers.

And leave your comments below on how you think hospital stays for children in Camden can be improved.