Healthwatch Camden, what we’ve been up to

When we started in April, there was so much to do to get us going, including finding staff and getting registered as a charity.

Most important was going out to talk to local people and joining up with partners in the voluntary sector. We’ve been out there talking and listening to people from every part of the community, children, young people and adults. Every voice counts. 

Since the start, we’ve been able to respond to people who contact us for information. We’re building up a great resource of knowledge. Our next ambition is to do more – to go out and offer information, rather than wait for people to come to us.

Urgent care

A current concern nationally as well as here, is urgent care services. Our local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is reviewing urgent care.

Healthwatch Camden and Healthwatch Islington plan to work together to include local voluntary organisations in our thinking about urgent care.

We know that the voluntary sector is often a front line service for people facing problems in their lives. We want to make sure that their views and experience are part of the review process.

Urgent care is just one of the subjects we’re being asked to look at.

Your views

So the other important thing for me is to make sure we are including as many people as possible in deciding what our future priorities should be. What are your views on urgent care? Tell us your thoughts below.