Volunteers’ Week 2019

June 1 -7 is Volunteers’ Week. To thank our volunteers for the hard work and time they contribute we hosted an event at our offices in the Greenwood centre.

Volunteers help us to get more local people’s voices heard on health and social care provision in Camden. We recruit volunteers on a project-to-project basis to make sure that they get the skills and experience they need.

During Volunteers’ Week hundreds of events and celebrations take place to thank volunteers and recognise their invaluable and diverse contribution to the UK. We were happy to participate with our own ‘thank you’ event.

At the event staff and the board met with volunteers and had a team lunch. We asked volunteers why they chose to work with us, responses included:

“It gets me out in my local community meeting people and learning new skills.”

“I know what I do as a volunteer helps people have a fulfilling life!”

“I enjoyed the opportunity to get involved in things I would never ordinarily get involved in.”

“It’s important to me that everybody’s voice is heard.”

“To give something back to my community. To (hopefully) share my skillset to effect positive change.”

Volunteers are invaluable during the summer months. They help us to connect with more people at events which means that more people get to have their say. Over the year, they’ve given more than 150 hours of their time to support us. The information volunteers collect helps us to set our yearly priorities and also allows us to make recommendations to service providers.

We appreciate our volunteers and are proud of what they have achieved.

If you want to volunteer for us, check out the volunteers’ page to find out the roles available.

Or comment below and let us know why you like volunteering!

Photo of our volunteer Aya, Engagement Manger, Shelly and Policy and Insight Manager, Anna at the Peckwater Festival last week!