Healthwatch Camden Annual report 2018-19

At our board meeting in Public and Community Forum on 2 July we launched our annual report for 2018-19.

This years’ theme was ‘Different voices – stronger voices’. Every change we’ve helped to bring about in health and social care started with listening to someone who uses services.

Examples of our impact include:

  • Strengthening the voices of those who usually go unheard
  • Extending our social media, print and radio reach resulting in hundreds of thousands more people aware of our work
  • Engaging with communities we haven’t spoken to before and helping them get their voices heard
  • Building relationships with new sectors resulting in high profile partnerships and more people having their say
  • We listened to diverse voices and made recommendations which have led to real change

This year we’ve pushed to engage with more people to ensure that everyone in our diverse community gets to have their say on health and social care services.

We’ve forged relationship with new sectors including environmental services and the private housing sector.

We’ve recruited and trained more volunteers, who’ve helped us to reach more people during the summer festivals to get their voices heard.

These are examples of what people said about us:

“Thank you for being such a brilliant collaborative partner – I loved the work we did together and am immensely proud of what was produced by the young people. All of the things they spoke about and opened up about was down to you providing a forum for it and for helping them feel like their voices were being heard.” Joey Glover – teacher at William Ellis School

“I cannot thank Healthwatch Camden enough. I am disabled, housebound and severely dyslexic and Healthwatch Camden were incredibly helpful and supportive.” Stuart Ashbourne-Martin who called us to ask for help and advice

“It’s great that you are bothering to come and talk to me.” In-patient at St Pancras Hospital redevelopment project

“I feel lucky to have had the chance to go beyond studying health systems and inequalities by learning more in real world situations.” Susan – student volunteer

Take a look at our annual report to see the impact we’ve made and don’t forget to let your voice be heard by commenting below!