Our youth social media campaign

We’re working on a social media campaign with young people from William Ellis School and LaSWAP sixth form consortium to find out which health and social care issues are important to them and also how they want to be communicated to especially on social media.

As part of the campaign the young people will direct and produce a video expressing their views.  

It’s important that the organisations who make decisions about local health and social care services, listen to young people’s needs when they are planning services for young people.

They need to know what is important to young people, what would help them and what they need. This is why we are doing the social media week campaign, to help achieve these goals.  

We often work with local organisations, and we’re pleased to be working with a local school.

We’re all about building relationships with communities, local and voluntary organisations and service providers.

The project began in November and will end in January 2018. We’ll keep you updated on developments.

In January next year there will be the opportunity for you to support the young people by joining the social media campaign. We’ll let you know details closer to the time.

In the meantime, comment below to have your say on the health and social care issues that affect young people.