Great Ormond Street invites you in!

Camden has a range of specialist services, and one of these is the famous Great Ormond Street Hospital.

They’ve been in touch to ask us to invite local parents and young people to joint their PLACE inspections

Patient and parent inspectors are needed.

As part of the Patient Lead Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE) Inspections, once a year patients are invited into every hospital in England to rate everything from how clean the floor is to how tasty the jelly is.

Caroline Joyce, Assistant Chief Nurse Quality and Patient Experience, said:

‘We really value the patient voice that these inspections provide. With the best intentions in the world, as staff, we get used to our working environments and need fresh eyes to help us see what we might be missing. These results ensure that senior managers know how patients feel about our buildings and departments.’

Fran Stewart – a Place Inspector said: It was an enjoyable experience being a Place Inspector and the wards we visited and staff we spoke to showed a real pride in their surroundings, and recognized the importance a clean tidy environment and nutritious, tasty food made to the overall wellbeing and recovery of patients.

To get involved please email and please feel free to pass on this information to other patients or parents.

As usual, please comment below to share your opinion with Healthwatch Camden!