Health for people with learning disabilities in Camden

On July 15, Shelly, our Community and Engagement Volunteer Manager, spoke at Camden Council’s planning meeting for people with learning disabilities. The aim of the discussion was to better understand the health and social care needs of people with learning disabilities in Camden.

Healthwatch Camden wants equal access, treatment and outcomes for all communities in our borough. We aim to give a voice to those whose voices are often unheard, which includes disabled people.

Shelly talked about Healthwatch Camden’s work with people with learning disabilities, their parents and carers. She highlighted our recent work on how well GP practices are meeting the needs of people with sensory impairments or learning disabilities, and mentioned that we work very closely with SURGE and other local groups.

We know that people can feel excluded from services, and that access to services and treatment isn’t always equal. That’s why we encourage you to talk to us. We want to learn from members of our community with learning disabilities, and to listen to your experiences so that we can then work together to make services better. We of course also want to highlight when health and social care providers are getting it right.